Artist Spotlight ~ EL Yefry

Several times a week,  I do a LIVE Music Review Show.  Submit your music here for FREE:  If I like your song I will PIN IT (add it to my Spotify playlist getting more ears on your music.)  I will also be picking artists to highlight through my blog for additional promotion.    Why do I do this?  Check out an earlier blog post and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!   EL Yefry is Raising the Roof with his Debut Singles   Emerging Artist, EL Yefry, Creating a Name For Himself with His Unique Style and Dance Beats!     EL Yefry was born in Honduras, Puerto Cortes moving to Canada later as a teen. The artist was raised by his grandmother...

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Mogul Mindset Marketing: The Press Release

I know what you are thinking .... "Vinnie,  a PRESS RELEASE?  That is outdated and old-school!"  As both a musician and a producer/record label CEO I do see both sides.  Yes, it is very easy to just pop into DMs and send your link.  That is the current thing to do - use social media, send texts, send messages.  However, that strategy is so unprofessional.  99.9999999% of the links randomly dropped into my DMs are deleted and not listened to.   Your pitch needs to be professional.  You need to catch my attention.  You need to tell me WHY I should listen to you.  Time is money - if I am giving you 2 minutes of my time I need to...

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Mogul Mindset Marketing: Knowing Your Socials

With over half of the world on social media (that's 4.14  BILLION people!) this is a powerful and the #1 way to get your music heard and get in front of people.    Have you ever looked at your data?  Do you plan your content?  Do you develop strategic campaigns that are strategic to each platform or do you just post whenever you can and post the same thing across all platforms?    Knowing your different platforms and knowing each platforms strengths and weaknesses gives you knowledge on what is working.  This data can help you to create strong, strategic campaigns that will drive successful results, which overall, will have an impact on your business.    Before we drive into...

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Mogul Mindset Marketing: Getting Reviewed

My guess is you have singles you have worked really hard on; poured your heart and soul into it.  You are ready to release and have the world hear it ....but have you had it reviewed?  I get it - reviewing can be scary - it's definitely opening yourself up to unwanted criticism and opinions.  But, here is the thing - NO ONE knows more about music than other musicians.  Your family and your friends love you, they are not going to be objective.  They want you to be happy, they want to support you.  Any musician getting ready to release needs to have their music reviewed!  I 100% believe this, and I myself,  have formed a review panel.  Feedback...

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