Mogul Mindset Marketing: Getting Reviewed

My guess is you have singles you have worked really hard on; poured your heart and soul into it.  You are ready to release and have the world hear it ....but have you had it reviewed? 

I get it - reviewing can be scary - it's definitely opening yourself up to unwanted criticism and opinions.  But, here is the thing - NO ONE knows more about music than other musicians.  Your family and your friends love you, they are not going to be objective.  They want you to be happy, they want to support you.  Any musician getting ready to release needs to have their music reviewed!  I 100% believe this, and I myself,  have formed a review panel.  Feedback is important and instrumental in your growth. 

A professional observer's opinion can help you see how effectively your piece has been styled. It's an unbiased opinion.  These reviews can help you as an artist to make better informed decisions.  They are ESSENTIAL for artist development. 


I have found as an artist myself, you become so immersed in the production process you no longer hear your music objectively.  Feedback is so important to improve your music and your production skills.  A fresh perspective can present new ideas, show you problems you need to fix and help you fine-tune your single from good to GREAT.  Continuous learning is essential to growth; I practice this in my daily routine and habits.


However, as open as I am to opinions and feedback, you need to go into this with a few mindset fundamentals. 


Before getting your music reviewed you should really take a few minutes and write out the following (yes, WRITE!  Pen to Paper) :

* WHY did you create this piece?  Know your WHY here!

* What is your artistic objective? 

* What is your business objective? 


While I do feel feedback is important, it is also important to stay true to you and what your goals are.  Not every artist will fit into mainstream.  Sometimes being different and original present it's own challenges.  Knowing your why and your objectives help you take that feedback and determine how to fix and how to tweak so you can improve your single, making it the best it can be, all the while staying true to you! 

Always stay true to YOU.


I offer FREE music reviews!  I give not only the opinion of an artist but of a producer.  Submit your music by using the link here:


#HustleHard  ~  VV 



 Vinnie Vidal is a musician, producer and CEO of Royal Play Records.  The CEO is a true testament  to the rise of independent artistry, self-publishing and promotion over the traditional route.  He has learned to take a bit of information from all sources because there is always something to be learned from everyone. He cautions up and coming artists about relying solely on one person for success saying “no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you.  You can’t depend on others for validation or you are setting yourself up for failure.”   His blog, “Mogul Mindset Marketing” is helping up and coming artists achieve success with marketing their music through sound advice, real strategies and his personal mentorship.  The uncompromising integrity he showcases in his music, he extends here hoping aspiring artists do not fall for all the scams this industry is subjected to.  He provides further mentorship with his subscription based Patreon group and his free music reviews on his Facebook Live Royal Play Review Show.   To contact Vidal, email