Mogul Mindset Marketing: Knowing Your Socials

With over half of the world on social media (that's 4.14  BILLION people!) this is a powerful and the #1 way to get your music heard and get in front of people. 


Have you ever looked at your data?  Do you plan your content?  Do you develop strategic campaigns that are strategic to each platform or do you just post whenever you can and post the same thing across all platforms? 


Knowing your different platforms and knowing each platforms strengths and weaknesses gives you knowledge on what is working.  This data can help you to create strong, strategic campaigns that will drive successful results, which overall, will have an impact on your business. 


Before we drive into the data, let's discuss what the data metrics are and what this even means: 

"Actions on Page" - this shows you how many people clicked for more information or clicked through to your website or link posted.  This is useful to know as you can see if people are actually reading your page, visiting your page or just looking at a picture, liking and moving on.  Time spent on your pages usually indicates an interest in you. 


"Page Views" - page views are important as this can indicate to you how well your pages are optimized for search.   This metric many overlook however,  increasing your brand awareness comes before you can build engagement, reach and impressions.  Building awareness drives people to take actions.  People need to see you before anything else can be done. 


"Post Reach" - the reach of your post is the number of people that saw your post in their news feed. Pay attention to this number.  The way the algorithms work, people are not guaranteed to see your content just because they follow or like your page.  Building your reach increases your brand awareness.  Your brand reach is the foundation upon what all over metrics is built on.  (Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and follow this blog as we will be discussing way to increase your post and page reach organically in an upcoming blog post). 


"Likes/Followers" - this is a tricky one.  Many view their page's success based solely on likes and followers when in reality this is not the most important metric and this metric can provide a false sense of success.  Of course likes are important but the overall engagement of the post is where you need to look.  Are people liking and moving on?  Or, are they sharing, saving and commenting?   Followers is another one people get hung up on.  You need your page to be growing however,  being a public figure you are going to subject to people following you in a "follow for follow" strategy (I do NOT recommend this!) or people following you for business, to promote themselves, and when you do not use their service they might un-follow.  Do not worry to much about this.  The cause for worry is if the follows to un-follow ratio extremely unbalanced. 


"Post Engagement" - the common goal of all posts and social media is post engagement.  The engagement is what is happening to your post after people see it - are they liking? sharing? commenting?  Engagement is more important, in my opinion, then followers.  Strong engagement is the single best way to maximize your reach.  When your posts are being engaged with they will reach a wider audience and a higher number of people.  Other benefits of strong engagement are building trust and creating interest.  When many people are liking, commenting, sharing and tagging people your begin to be seen as a leader in your niche;  your brand is perceived as a leader, as an authority in the subject it represents.   Creating interest is important too as people becoming interested in your page leads to more followers which is creating fans and "sales"  (The "sale" being they download or stream your music.  They become a fan). 


"Impressions" - the amount of impressions your post is getting is how many times it is being delivered to someone's feed.  People do not need to engage for this number, it just has to be delivered.  I recommend following this and watching because a high number of impressions with significantly lower engagement could indict people are not finding your content interesting, useful or of a value to them.


It's important to track these metrics at least monthly.  I track mine weekly but do look at numbers every few days.  I find without this official audit of numbers you just go about your business with zero room for improvement.  Take these numbers and assess the data on each platform.  How is your performance helping you overall to reach your goals (get your music out there)?   


As you are analyzing each platform look at different posts performances.  What types of posts perform better on each platform?  Also identify your core channel.  By that I mean which platform do the most data patterns emerge?  Which platforms performs better overall?  For me, it is Instagram and then Facebook.  Go through your content - where is it shared? What is guiding your audience to the next step (meaning what pushes them from liking a post to following you to streaming music)? 


The next step after you gather all your data and your stats is to start creating content that fits your platforms.  Develop strategies for your postings that help you achieve your goals and drive your business.... Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as we later discuss how to develop content for success! 

#HustleHard ~  VV





Vinnie Vidal is a musician, producer and CEO of Royal Play Records.  The CEO is a true testament  to the rise of independent artistry, self-publishing and promotion over the traditional route.  He has learned to take a bit of information from all sources because there is always something to be learned from everyone. He cautions up and coming artists about relying solely on one person for success saying “no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you.  You can’t depend on others for validation or you are setting yourself up for failure.”   His blog, “Mogul Mindset Marketing” is helping up and coming artists achieve success with marketing their music through sound advice, real strategies and his personal mentorship.  The uncompromising integrity he showcases in his music, he extends here hoping aspiring artists do not fall for all the scams this industry is subjected to.  He provides further mentorship with his subscription based Patreon group and his free music reviews on his Facebook Live Royal Play Review Show.   To contact Vidal, email