Mogul Mindset Marketing: The Press Release

I know what you are thinking .... "Vinnie,  a PRESS RELEASE?  That is outdated and old-school!" 

As both a musician and a producer/record label CEO I do see both sides.  Yes, it is very easy to just pop into DMs and send your link.  That is the current thing to do - use social media, send texts, send messages.  However, that strategy is so unprofessional.  99.9999999% of the links randomly dropped into my DMs are deleted and not listened to.   Your pitch needs to be professional.  You need to catch my attention.  You need to tell me WHY I should listen to you.  Time is money - if I am giving you 2 minutes of my time I need to have a reason for it.

That is why you really need to design a professional press release template.  You need to give people a reason to click on that link and LISTEN.  (By subscribing to my Patreon group I will be setting up templates of many things discussed on this blog that you can use to get your business in order and to a more professional level!) 

Another benefit of press releases is getting published in the media. This is important for verifying social media accounts as well as establishing yourself as a leader in this industry.  

What is a "press release"?  A press release is a written communication that reports specific, but brief, information about an event, brand or happening.  Some benefits to a press release are: it's an excellent PR marketing tool, it controls YOUR story, it is proactive reputation management, it improves SEO, it gives your social media a boost, and  it showcases you as someone with expertise in that area. 

When writing a press release you need to keep your goals in mind.  This is your opportunity to share your message with a broad audience.   This is your chance to articulate what is important to you, share YOUR intentions! (no one will interpret your music as you will!) 

Putting together your press release you should include these most important elements:

* Headline:  You need to grab their attention and grab it quickly!

* Opening Sentence:  You need a strong lead!  Explain in one sentence why this is newsworthy content.

* Body: This needs to have all the information but be concise and detailed.  The whole release should be one page.  The body should be skimmable.  Journalists get hundreds of emails a day - get their attention and give them in the information needed quick!

* Bio or Boilerplate:  Wrap it up with a few words describing you as an artist or your company.  Tell them who you are. 

* Contact Information:  VERY Important!  If they want to use this, have more questions or want to discuss further how do they reach you?  And give contact information you regularly check! 


As you send out these releases, don't mass email.  Take the time to personally address them and make a connection with the person on the other end.   You should also be building up your press contact list (more detailed post about organizing and building this to come!) 


#HustleHard ~  VV



Vinnie Vidal is a musician, producer and CEO of Royal Play Records.  The CEO is a true testament  to the rise of independent artistry, self-publishing and promotion over the traditional route.  He has learned to take a bit of information from all sources because there is always something to be learned from everyone. He cautions up and coming artists about relying solely on one person for success saying “no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you.  You can’t depend on others for validation or you are setting yourself up for failure.”   His blog, “Mogul Mindset Marketing” is helping up and coming artists achieve success with marketing their music through sound advice, real strategies and his personal mentorship.  The uncompromising integrity he showcases in his music, he extends here hoping aspiring artists do not fall for all the scams this industry is subjected to.  He provides further mentorship with his subscription based Patreon group and his free music reviews on his Facebook Live Royal Play Review Show.   To contact Vidal, email