Music production

According to your tastes and needs

Tailor-made Music

RPR proposes to produce custom music according to your tastes and needs. The music is unique, produced for you only, and can’t be resold by ROYAL PLAY RECORDS. 100% ownership granted to you (Master) for unlimited New Works, distribution, sales, promotional activities, TV/radio broadcast, concerts & any public performance.

What we offer:

To produce an instrumental/beat (without lyrics) according to your request, tastes, needs: arrangement or songwriting (composition+arrangement). The music producers (composers/arrangers) in charge of this have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

What you will get:

A unique original custom-made music (custom beat / instrumental) – High Quality digital audio file in MP3 & WAV format. A full control over the mix and possible multiple revisions. Upon request: Stems or all audio files of the music, available for download (format: wav audio files, 44 kHz/24 bits).

See below for out available packages: