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Record your songs with Professional Musicians

Price :  
translation missing: en.products.general.regular_price $300.00
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Turnaround :
4-8 Days

The Complete 8 Step Process

Below you can read about the complete 8 step process that every song , no matter size or style, goes through when our engineers are tasked with the job of making your song sound great . Each step below is included with every mixing purchase at no additional cost.

1. Custom Pricing

Tip: You can use our form to price your entire project before purchasing – Here

We wanted to make pricing as fair as possible. There are many different songs and song types. Each song requires different workloads. Some songs have 100 tracks and some songs may have 10 total tracks. (What Are Tracks?) We wanted our customers to be able to tailor their cost to exactly what their song needs, per song.

Our pricing is based on the size of your song. In other words, your track count determines the cost of your song. A song with 10 tracks is priced differently than a song with 100 tracks. But, what’s great about our service is that no matter what size your song is, it will always receive complete A – Z treatment. You can read more about included treatments below.

When you’re ready to purchase, you will be directed to our “purchase form”. This form allows you to select every detail about your song(s) and select which options you’d like to include with each specific song if you happen to be purchasing more than one. With this, you’ll be able to tailor your project to fit your budget.

2. Editing

As soon as your song files come into our inbox, we download and setup the session. From there, we go through each individual kick, snare, guitar, vocal, etc.. and clean the clicks, pops, hums, and anything else that isn’t suppose to be there!

In this stage we will start to determine if there are any tracks we’d like you to resend or even in some cases re-record. We want to make sure everything we have will contribute to making your song sound great, not worse.

3. Timing Corrections

This is where the song really starts to come together, especially songs that were recorded with a full band playing together. First, all the drums are aligned. This sets the base foundation for the rest of the song. All other instruments and vocals are then aligned into the drums. If your song doesn’t have any drums, the most important element will be Time Corrected first and then used as the foundation for everything else.

This can make for a pretty dramatic difference with Before and After at this stage. It can take a song from amateur sounding to sounding professionally performed.


How Do I Prepare My Mix?

You can either send us your Pro tools, Studio One or Logic session. If you don’t use any of those three daw’s then you will need to export each track as a WAV file from the beginning of the session so that when everything is dropped into our DAW it all lines up correctly.

Do I remove plugins off of my master bus before exporting wav’s?

Yes. Compressors, EQs, Delays, and Reverbs can have an impact on the overall sound of the song. When you put all these elements together they need to fit correctly. If you have requested to leave a processed track from your demo in the mix, that is okay because it is still focused on one track that we can place and enhance as necessary. When you put these effects on your master bus, this is a global effect that will process every track in the project which can keep us from bringing out the overall sound that we need to for your project to be done correctly.

Which DAW do you use?

Currently we use 3 DAW’s. 1. Pro Tools 2. Studio One 3. Logic Pro X This means that if you use one of these DAW’s, you can send your session to us without having to export everything into WAV form. However, most of the time we do prefer that you export your tracks anyway so there are no plugin discrepancies.

What WAV file settings do I send you?

Currently we use 3 DAW’s. 1. Pro Tools 2. Studio One 3. Logic Pro X This means that if you use one of these DAW’s, you can send your session to us without having to export everything into WAV form. However, most of the time we do prefer that you export your tracks anyway so there are no plugin discrepancies.

Can I have a copy of the session?

because we use a variety of different plugins and outboard units, this is not possible. Instead, we can “Stem” all of your individual tracks. What’s a Stem? As stem is basically a “printed” version of, let’s say, the kick. The plugins and processes we used on that kick are “printed” to the track. That way when you open the stem in your software, you’ll hear the exact kick used in the mix without needing the plugins. This process is repeated for each sound (track) in your song.

Are there discounts for multiple songs?

Yes. As you fill out our purchase form you will notice there is an active discount when selecting multiple songs. The discount percentage is determined by how many songs are added.

How many revisions do I get?

We will work on your song until you are satisfied with it. Our main tool for completing your song effectively and efficiently will be our live stream sessions. We will work over live stream for as long as it takes to get your song finished.

Can I reduce my songs track count?

Yes. There are a few things you can do to decrease the amount of tracks you are turning in for your project. Comp background vocals: If you have four tracks that sing a backing harmony together, you can comp these to one track if you have the exact sound you want out of them. Just know that we will not be able to tune grouped vocals like that or manipulate them as much as we can most. Only comp backing vocals together like that if you are sure you want them to sound just like that, we will not be able to adjust three vocals relative to each other if you comp them. NEVER comp a lead vocal with your backing vocals. Comp SFX and Occasional Sounds: If you have 7 tracks that have random sounds or audio compliments, you can comp them together as tight as you can so long as they do not overlap. If you have 20 tracks with sounds but none of them overlap, comp them to one track and save yourself money when buying your mix.